Monday, March 07, 2005

Get paid by insurance companies faster.

Wherever we lecture throughout the country, offices are constantly asking us how they can get paid faster by insurance companies. The best answer for all situations is : File your claims electronically.

What are some advantages:

1) The claims are checked for mistakes along the submission process and you are notifed usually within 48 hours when you can immediately correct and refile. Not 3-4 weeks later.

2) Some companies can notify you of a patient's eligibility in real time.

3) You are notified when the insurance company receives the claims. The clearing house will give you a tracking number for your claim as soon as it arrives (Usually 24-48 hours after submission).

4) You actually save money in mailing and manual claim preparation costs.

5) Companies will accept electronic attachments: no more sending in hard copy x-rays or periodontal charting.

For more information, including a calculator that lets you determine how much you'll save, based on the number of claims you submit, contact NDEDIC (National Dental EDI Council) by CLICKING HERE.

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